• Galataki Holy Cloister: a nuns’ convent, dedicated to Saint Nicholas. It is of Byzantine architecture, built upon the ruins of an antique temple of Neptune, in a woody area on the slopes of Mt Kandili, 9 km east of Limni.

• St David’s (Osios David) Holy Cloister: a monks’ monastery, dedicated to the Metamorphosis of Savior, low on Mts Rider and Dry, across the village of Drymonas.

St David created the monastery round 1550 above the ruins of a preexisting temple, that had been destroyed by the Turks in 1470, after they occupied the island. In 1823 the cloister was burned down by the Turks again, to take revenge on the monks’ participation in the uprising of 1821. The current construction was raised in 1877. Every weekend of the year the abbey receives numerous pilgrims.

• St Irene’s (Agia Irini Hrysovallantou) Holy Cloister: a newly established nuns’ convent, built at the site of the old Taxiarhis’ Cloister, at a charming spot in the area of Rovies, close to the Limni-Aedipsos road.

• St John the Russian’s (Agios Ioannis Rosos) Holy Minster: a mid-20th century church and the homonym monastery are located in the village of Prokopi in the Municipality of Kireas, 36 km from Limni, on the way to Halkida. The relic of Saint John, brought to Euboea by refugees from Asia Minor in 1922, is being kept in the minster. On 27 May every year procession of the relic takes place.

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