The hamlet of Chronia, where the “Astrolabe” hotel is located, belongs in the Municipality of Elymnion, that is named after an ancient town which flourished in the local area. ‘Nymphic Elymnion’, as it is referred to in extracts from Sophocles, is connected with the first coupling of Zeus and Hera, and the area offers interesting archeological spots. Chronia is situated at 4 klm from the local main town, Limni, right next to the famous beaches of western Euboea.

Limni is a picturesque, amphitheatrical settlement, built on the hilly coast of the North Euboean Gulf. Its name means “lake” in greek, thanks to the always calm bay on which it abuts.

Limni maintains an island character and the glamour of the old sea masters, combined with neoclassic architectural elements of the 19th and 20th centuries that can be seen on its mansions and tile roofed houses. Limni is an 85km drive from Halkida, Euboea’s capital.


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