• The waterfalls of the river Sipias in Drymonas make up a spot of particular natural beauty and ecological value. The water plunges from 15 metres’ height into a crystal lake surrounded by dense fir forest and black pines. A journey among lush, wild vegetation and a swim in the waterfalls during summertime provide extra motivations for a visit. The waterfalls are located at an altitude of 620 m, 4 km after the cloister of St. David’s through the road setting out of Rovies.

• A unique natural monument is a petrified forest of at least 20 million years of age, near the village of Kerasia. It is one of the richest petrified forests in all Europe. Stony trunks of gigantic trees are visible in the part of the forest that has been bared. Some findings of the regional fauna are exhibited at the Fossils Museum of Kerasia.

• A venetian tower, example of the period of the frank occupation, built by Guillaume II de Villehardouin between 1255 and 1258, dominates the nearby village of Rovies.

• In Limni the History & Folklore Museum presents findings of the classic, hellenistic and roman periods, as well as the historical archives of the town.

• The church of Zoodohos Pigi (Life-Giving Source) with mosaics of the 5th century and the church of Theotokos (Virgin Mary), with an imposing belfry since 1837, are also located in Limni.

• 5 km away from the town of Limni one can visit the Museum of Marine Biology, with remarkable rare exhibits from the sea world.

• During the local festivities for the Naval Week, the rich naval history of the region is revived in the “Elymnia” events in Limni each summer.

• At the Women's Handicraft Cooperative of Limni on can find traditionally woven textiles and other products of the local cultural heritage.

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